Tips for Preparing for Your Music Tour

Any music tour needs proper preparation before embarking on the journey. A music tour is when an artist or a band decides to do live performances in different cities or towns via a planned route. If you fail to do proper preparation for the tour, there are high chances the tour might not be successful as you imagined.

Route and Venue Schedule

Are you conversant with the route? Of course, it may seem like an obvious thing, but being conversant with the routes or finding a driver who knows the route ideally is very important. When you prepare for a music tour, ensure the areas you are visiting do not have another significant concert. This will help you and your band maximize profit and experience a large number of people than when there is another function in the same area that will split the number of audiences.

Gear Preparation

When you prepare a music tour, ensure that all the gears your band will need are all set. For gears that need back up, ensure you carry the backups. Are there spare strings for the guitar? Are the drum sticks enough? What about a backup power cord? All the gears should be purchased before the tour starts to minimize inconvenience, for it is easy to forget about them entirely after the journey begins.

Assign Responsibilities

Before the tour begins, call a meeting of all your band members and delegate duties. In this case, it is even better to have a tour manager. The responsibility will help reduce confusion during the tour as every member knows what they are supposed to do to make the tour successful. Make sure every band member is comfortable with the assigned duty so that they do not feel demoralized and underperform.


When you prepare a music tour, make sure the band rehearses all the songs to be performed several times. Practice how you will capture the attention of the audience in a unique manner, and they stay entertained. Rehearsal helps the band to stay organized throughout the entire tour, with no confusion on the stage. When you rehearse enough, the band will be used to it and maintaining the energy in each song will not be a problem to them, it also gives the members the confidence to perform and face the audience.